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Tips for Poly Bridge

Tips for Poly Bridge

Poly Bridge is a physics-based puzzle game that tasks players with constructing bridges to help cars cross ravines and valleys. The game can be challenging, but with a few tips, players can improve their experience and overcome Poly Bridge’s obstacles.

  • Don’t Rush
    One of the most common mistakes that players make in Poly Bridge is rushing their construction. This can lead to unstable bridges and ultimately failure. Players should take their time to ensure that their bridges are sturdy and can handle the weight of the cars.
  • Use the Right Materials
    The different materials that players can use in Poly Bridge have different properties. For example, wood is weak but can be easily repaired, while metal is strong but cannot be repaired. Players should use the right materials for the right job to ensure that their bridges are as sturdy as possible.

  • Experiment
    Poly Bridge is all about experimentation, so players should not be afraid to try out different combinations of materials and designs. Sometimes the wackiest bridges are the ones that work the best.
  • Use the Blueprints
    The blueprints that players unlock as they progress through the game can be extremely helpful in creating sturdy bridges. Players should take the time to study the blueprints and use them as a guide when constructing their own bridges.
  • Practice
    Like any other skill, practice makes perfect. The more players play Poly Bridge, the better they will become at constructing bridges that are able to handle the weight of cars.
04 Mar 2022